On this section, you can find the exercises and some information you will need to follow the explanations we have at school. Please revise them and do them as the teacher tells you in class. You just have to click on the files to get what you need.
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Here you can have the contents you will study during the year 2014-2015 and which the assessment and marking criteria will be.
The handbook we will use during the year is:
  • BURGOS ALONSO, M., MUÑOZ-DELGADO, C.: Geography and History 1. Madrid, Anaya English, 2015. (ISBN 978-84-678-5097-0).

If you click on the links below you will download the notes for this year:


  • Unit 7. Population.
    • Exercises of the unit.
      • Spanish population density.
        • Regions.
        • Provinces.
      • Natural movement.
        • Birthrate.
        • Death rate.
        • Infant mortality rate.
        • Natural increase.
      • Population pyramid.
  • Unit 8. Contemporary society.
  • Unit 9. Rural and urban spaces.

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Remember that there are two reading books for this year (the second one will be defined later):
  • 1st term: Washington Irving, Tales of the Alhambra. Burlington Books, 2010. (Retold by Susan Lynne Newby and Elisa Mª López Cabrera). ISBN 978-9963-48-182-8. If you want to know anything else about this book, click here. To get extra material of the book, click here.

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Granada: Alhambra Palace (14th century)